"We like to think that every project has an ideal solution.
Our job is simply to find it."


As a husband and wife team we offer a broad perspective. Our experience encompasses two restaurants, four wine tasting rooms, a 70 unit subdivision, a tow yard, a grocery store, a brewery, a car wash, a horse arena and numerous custom residences. Tracey's expertise lies in her mastery of space planning and her subtle understanding of color and texture, while Winfield brings with him an artist's sense of form and space coupled with a craftsman's attention to detail.



Our approach to architecture is first and foremost to listen. From the initial meeting our primary objective is to understand not only our clients needs, but also their thoughts, concerns, desires and dreams. We ask a lot of questions. We research, analyze, poke and prod and then ask a few more questions. Only after we feel we have fully understood the problem does the design process begin.